3 Must-Know Tips to Style your Laola Hawaii Collection

August 20, 2019


Hello Beautiful Friends! Welcome back to my blog! I wanted to share with you some fashion style-tips from my dear friend and Brand Ambassador Lindsay, who is SO amazing at being bold, cute and stylish with our Laola Hawaii Jewelry.  She's going to share her 5 Favorite Laola Hawaii products, a little more about her and of course, what you came here for, her top 3 tips on how to style jewelry and fashion to express your yourself and put your best foot forward.


Take it away Lindsay!


Hi there! My name is Lindsay Abrigo. I am 29, born and raised here on Oahu, and a Leo through and through (Gemini rising, moon in Aquarius). I love all things fashion and beauty, especially the confidence that a great outfit and makeup can provide. I enjoy the freedom of expressing myself through fashion and experimenting with different trends and styles. I have always has a passion for makeup artistry and anything to do with arts & crafts.


What I love most about Laola Hawaii as a brand is that it remains true to its roots and gathers inspiration from the beauty of our islands and our people. Laola Hawaii brings together individuals from all walks of life and all backgrounds by promoting peace and positivity and advocating for self-care and self-love. Kimberlyn purposefully puts her heart, soul, energy, and passion into each handcrafted piece of jewelry. I love the ability to customize the pieces of jewelry (necklaces, crystal bracelets, etc.) to make them meaningful and empowering to each individual. Kimberlyn uses her great eye for design and style to collaborate with her customers to bring their ideas into fruition and purposefully sets intentions for each piece. The use of quality materials is evident in the craftsmanship of each Laola Hawaii product.


Laola Hawaii has become an essential part of my personal style. Whether I am dressing up for a special event, going to work, or just hanging out, I always find myself reaching for my Laola Hawaii jewelry. The simplicity and versatility of each piece compliments every style. Wear them alone as a statement piece or pair them with other pieces from your wardrobe to express your individuality and create a stylish, unique look.


My top 5 favorite Laola Hawaii Products are:


Mahina Charm Necklace

Personalized Necklace

∙Mala Style Necklace

Crystal Bracelets

Lilikoi Guava / Hibiscus Peach Soaps


Here I am pictured a few months ago with some of my favorite crystal bracelets that Kim custom designed for me, my Mahina Necklace, and a Mala Style Necklace which she also custom designs.











I am definitely someone who loves to play with color, different styles and I find fashion, makeup and jewelry so much fun to style.


If you're someone who isn't used to wearing bright, bold colors, don't worry, I've got great tips for you too!





"Remember, you can get as bold and playful as you want..."


My top 3 Style Tips


1. Wear at least two - three (2-3) necklaces & mix up the lengths of your necklaces - Select three necklaces with varying lengths (short, medium, long) to achieve an effortless, layered look. My favorite trio to wear includes my black tattoo choker (Where are my 90s babies at?!), LH Mahina Necklace, and LH Personalized Charm Necklace.




2. Use a bold statement necklace - Add a bold necklace to your layered look can take the outfit to another level. This bold necklace will be the focal point of your outfit, whereas the simpler, more dainty necklaces will look like those that you always wear (staple pieces).  For example, the picture above is a great example showing the statement piece, the Sea Urchin Spine is a great statement, drawing the eye to you and your face, and in this case, used as a point to draw the eye down toward the lower neckline, necklace and neckline of my top.  



3. Play with color/prints and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! - I love my basics and neutrals as much as any other girl. They are the perfect blank canvas, go with everything, and are safe/comfortable. The easiest way to spice up an outfit and bring the wow factor is to add a pop or color with my accessories, like I did with the cranberry cheetah print head wrap and the bold lipstick. Remember, you can get as bold and playful as you want with the color, print, and textures of your shoes, handbag/clutch, hat, scarf, etc.

I hope that these tips helped! Don't be afraid to be bold, express yourself and most of all, have fun with your style.  You have a collection of jewelry, makeup and clothes that represent you, and you deserve to show it off, be playful and have fun!


What are some of your fashion tips, favorite colors or ways to style your jewelry and fashion to express yourself? Tell me in the comments below!


Want to save this or pin this to your fashion board? Use this cheat Sheet Here!




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Lindsay: @lndsylioness

Laola Hawaii: @laola_hawaii

Shop Online: www.shoplaolahawaii.com


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