Crystal 101 pt. 4 - Charging your Crystals

March 26, 2019

 Hello magical crystal friends! Welcome to the last part of the Crystal 101 beginner education series.  Today, we'll go over charging your crystals, why it's important to do so and how you can charge your crystals (hint: you know how already!).  This one is going to be a short lesson so let's get started!


Charging Crystals

Overtime, your crystals can begin to work less effectively for you. Think of it like a dish sponge; when you wet the sponge, there’s only so much water that it can take on, before you have to squeeze it out.

It’s important to charge your crystals or re-cleanse them so that they can continue to work for you. Conveniently, you can do the same things to cleanse and charge your crystals!


There are several methods of cleansing/charging, so it’s important to choose one that resonates with you.

• Water: Use running tap or river water to cleanse *be careful because some stones will melt or dissolve in water!

• Using incense, sage, bay leaves, or palo santo smoke

• Burying it in the ground to energize from the Earth’s energy

• Sound: Using sound bowls or tools

• Leaving it in the sun or moon light for a fully 24 hours 
 (Be careful, some stones fade in the sun. As a precaution, use the moon!)

• Leaving in a bed of Hawaiian Salt/Sea Salt overnight, at the end of every day (a bowl, plate, or dish) *My preferred!

• Using other crystals like clear quartz or selenite 

(They sell larger stones or plates of these crystals where you can put your smaller crystals on)


And that's about it! (I told you it would be a short one!)


Now, if you'd like to research crystal descriptions, where to buy crystals, etc., I have put together a helpful little cheat sheet for you!  It will help you have a little image you can screen shot of how to cleanse and care for your crystals, where you can find some awesome crystal sellers, as well as resources of where you can find awesome books, and mobile apps that will help you learn more about crystal books that is super affordable.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREEBIE


I hope that this was a helpful series to help you get started on your crystal journey!  If there's something that you would love to learn crystal related or not, please let me know! I'd love to support you in any way I can.


In the meantime, stay magical my friends! See you next week Monday when I release a new post <3









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