Crystal 101 pt 3.2 - Using your Crystals

March 20, 2019

Welcome back to our Crystal 101 beginner crystal education series!  I hope that you're learning some things from this series that makes getting into crystals less stressful and overwhelming!


So, I needed to cut this part of the series into 2 blog posts because it was just getting crazy long.  This is the main chunk of the questions that I get asked, so I wanted to be sure that I give enough attention to each part so that you are able to understand. 


on Monday, we discussed how to cleanse your crystals and why it's important to do so, and today, we'll get in the variety of ways that you can use your crystals.


So let's get started shall we?


How can you use your Crystals

There are a variety of ways that you can use or connect with your crystals.  Whatever you may do in your daily life, you can certainly incorporate these specials gems into your lifestyle.

  • Wear it! Crystal jewelry can both serve a purpose and be very pretty for any occasion. The variety of designs and colors allow them to be worn in many ways.

  • Decorate your environment: Place large towers, cut-base geodes, or crystal clusters in your home to help re-energize your home and dispel negative energy so that you have a more energetically functional and efficient home.

  • Decorate your desk or workspace with crystals that help stimulate creativity, productivity, focus, and dispels electromagnetic waves and energy that comes from your electronics to fully support you and your work.

  • Meditation: Hold it in your hands, or place on various places on your body (Chakras) to help connect and realign your energies and chakras.

  • Yoga: Place crystals on your Yoga mat to help energize your practice

  • Use a Grid: Grids incorporate sacred geometry patterns to help energize your intentions and help manifest your desires faster, basically amplifying the intention and energy of the crystals to work for you. Grids come in cloth or wood, or use paper and create your own. You can either research further online or refer to Feng Shui to see which color crystals to use on your grid.

  • Incorporate into your Self-Care routine: Add crystals in your bath, place them in your bathroom, take them to the spa with you. It adds an extra element of luxury! (Be careful, some stones melt/dissolve in water!)

  • Carry them with you: Lots of clothing companies have special little pockets for your crystals or simply put them in your bra, purse, etc.

Seriously, the possibilities are endless. Some people also keep crystals by their bedside, to help support their ability to sleep when they suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues.  Some also feel that some crystals can help with nightmares, or general bad dreams, so crystals on the bedside may help you.


Another way to determine a new way that you can use your crystals is to ask yourself "what problem am I having right now?", and determine or research what crystals can support you for that purpose or need.


Pretty do-able right?


Now, if you'd like to research crystal descriptions, where to buy crystals, etc., I have put together a helpful little cheat sheet for you!  It will help you have a little image you can screen shot of how to cleanse and care for your crystals, where you can find some awesome crystal sellers, as well as resources of where you can find awesome books, and mobile apps that will help you learn more about crystal books that is super affordable.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR FREEBIE


Are you an experience crystal users?  What other ways do you use your crystals?  Let me know in the comments below!


We're almost done with our crystal series so if there's anything that you'd like to learn, crystal related or not, let me know!








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