Crystal 101 pt. 3.1 - Using your Crystals

March 18, 2019


Hello my beautiful, magical fam!  Welcome to Part 3 of our Crystal 101 beginner crystal education. Today, we'll be talking about using your crystals. (Note: It's a long post but we have a lot to cover!)


We are at this point where you have your crystals, but are probably like "what do I do now?".  Well, I'm here to help you!


Now, disclaimer: I am not a crystal know-it-all, nor am I claiming to be.  I am interested in delivering useful content to help you, especially my beginner babes, learn new topics that can support your mind, body and spirit in easy to learn ways that aren't intimidating and are fun!


Setting your Intention

It's very important to set your intention with your crystals, otherwise, why are you doing it in the first place?  It's important to consider your biggest wants and dreams out of life, and if you intend on using crystals for a spiritual aspect, that you understand and take it seriously.  Otherwise, your true intentions will be known, and vibrationally, you will self-sabotage yourself.


So how do you set your intention?  Ask yourself these questions:

There are several ways that you can use your crystals, but the first step to working with them is to set your intention with them.

  • What do you want to use them for?

    • Example: I want to use this Rose Quartz to help me love and accept myself more.

  • Why is it important for you to use them for this purpose?

    • Example: It’s important to me to use this crystal as such because I want to have more self-confidence to confidently rule my life.

  • Think about when you want this to happen, and who will positively benefit from this improvement.

  • Manifest your intention! If you want it, you have to believe it. For this example above, try walking with your head up, wearing bold make up or colors, wearing heels, anything to make you feel confident.

By setting your intention, you’re changing your vibration. Your vibration, is how your crystal “communicates” with you, and it learns your vibration by being close to you. 
Vibration is the energetic verbiage or language that the universe uses to communicate with you (since it doesn't have a voice ya know?).  


In order for the universe to give to you, you have to open your heart and allow the support of others and the universe 

Some people put their crystal (if small enough) in their pocket, they’ll hold it, place it on their desk at work near them, place in the bedroom, bathroom or living area, etc. This is how your crystal(s) get to know who you are and how to best work for you.

But before you actually start working with it, you have to cleanse it. 


Cleanse your Crystals

Why is it important to cleanse your crystals?  During the creation or mining of the crystals, preparation for sale, sale, customers, etc., so many people have to handle the crystal(s) that make it to your hands.  You don't know how many others have handled that crystal and you don't want their energy being absorbed by yours, because you have no idea their overall life intentions.


By cleansing your crystals, you're clearing any negative energy that may be attached to them, and are helping them to start as a blank state and together, you and it will begin to work together to manifest your desires.

There are several methods of cleansing, so it’s important to choose one that resonates with you.

  • Water: Use running tap or river water to cleanse *be careful because some stones will melt or dissolve in water!

  • Using incense, sage, bay leaves, or palo santo smoke

  • Burying it in the ground to energize from the Earth’s energy

  • Sound: Using sound bowls or tools

  • Leaving it in the sun or moon light for a fully 24 hours 
 (Be careful, some stones fade in the sun. As a precaution, use the moon!)

  • Leaving in a bed of Hawaiian Salt or Sea Salt overnight, at the end of every day (a bowl, plate, or dish) *My preferred!

  • Using other crystals like clear quartz or selenite

    • (They sell larger stones or plates of these crystals where you can put your smaller crystals on)

Once you’ve chosen your method and performed it, take a moment to hold it in a quiet space, hold your stone or if it is a larger piece, sit with it near or in front of you.

Take a moment to open your heart and express your gratitude, connect this crystal by envisioning a beam of light coming from that crystal, and shooting into your heart center, and you filing your energy, body, spirit with love and the most supporting energy ever.

Connect with your divine energy, which may be associated with a higher power, God, Angels, Universe, whatever this is for you, and ask that they help to clear this crystal from any unwanted energy and prior programming that this crystal may have undergone.


Finalize your cleansing procedure by saying to yourself or aloud (whichever you feel called to):

“I ask that God/the Angels/The Universe cleanse this/these crystals and help them to work to their highest and greatest good for me. I ask for your love and light to connect with my higher self and help me to connect to these Earthly gifts. I ask these crystals to hold the intention of...”

Finalize this intention with three of your intentions.
At the end of your prayer, say Amen, or Thank you (3x) to close this prayer and exclaim to the universe/God that what you want already exists, and that you’re asking for assistance to receive and manifest these desires.


How ya feeling?


So, in order to make this digestible for you to learn and start, so we'll break up the second part of Part 3, which is how to use your crystals, will be released on Wednesday! Stay Tuned!


If you haven't already read part 1 and part 2, go ahead and do that! But thank you so much for reading and stay tuned!


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