Crystal 101 pt. 2 - Choosing your Crystals

March 11, 2019


Hello my beautiful, magical fam! Welcome to Part 2 of this Crystal 101 beginner education series!  Today, we're going to talk about how to find and choose your first crystals!


I get asked all the time, "how do I choose crystals?".  I know how overwhelming it is, and fun fact, it's still overwhelming for me! 


I first fell in love with rocks and crystals around the age of 5, when we went to the Grand Canyon (I think) and somehow obtained HUGE geodes that I just adored! They were maybe 5lbs each and we got three, and looking back, they were probably just Quartz and Iron mineral, but to me, it was the most magical thing I had ever seen!  Ever since then, any kind of smooth stone, pretty colors or sparkly stone has always caught my eye!


Now, I don't care what anyone else says where to start: This is your crystal journey so you need to follow your heart and do what your intuition calls you to choose.


Just like in my first post: 
Now, disclaimer: I am not a crystal know-it-all, nor am I claiming to be.  I am interested in delivering useful content to help you, especially my beginner babes, learn new topics that can support your mind, body and spirit in easy to learn ways that aren't intimidating and are fun!


Okay: Let's get started!


FIRST step to starting your crystal journey is to FOLLOW YOUR HEART when choosing your crystals. A lot of people start with certain stones, making them popular, most familiar, and readily available, but don’t worry if you’re not called to those!  My first crystal that I got when I was starting to get back into crystals and jewelry was a smoky quartz, rainbow moonstone, and labradorite. All fairly common (in popularity), but not as well-known as quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, tiger’s eye, etc. These were what I were called to first. Everyone’s crystal journey is different, and that’s totally okay.


When searching for your first crystal, here are some things to ask yourself to ensure that you're using "intention" when looking for your crystals (more on this later):

  • What am I needing help with?

    • Anxiety? Stress? Negative vibes in the office? Romance? Peace? Insomnia? Creativity Stimulation?  These might point you in the right direction toward finding a crystal that supports your current needs.

  • What is catching my eye?

    • Am I being called to a crystal because of its color(s)?  Some people are more attracted to the color of the stone rather than it's metaphysical or "meaning" which is totally fine!  Your heart knows what you need and will attract you to what you need, whether you know it up front or not. 

  • Which stone has been on my mind?

    • Regardless of reason or color, which stone keeps calling you? Which one has been staying on your mind?  Did you see a stone and you can't get it off your mind?  Note sister: GO GET IT.

Finding Sources for your Crystals

When looking for a place to purchase your crystals, the world is literally at your hands!  There are SO many avenues: Etsy, Amazon, House of Intuition, (#notsponsored #notanad)as well some great indie brands likes Luna Prosperity, Little Lemuria Gems (#notsponsored #notanad), including Laola Hawaii, and other amazing Instagram brands.


I suggest to purchase from brands with a history of promoting and truly educating on the benefit of crystals and metaphysicality as well as share crystal meanings with their customers.  Review customer reviews, review their social media and their websites to determine whether or not they're being transparent with their customers on where things come from, etc.  


Crystal Prices

Also, know that crystal prices vary dramatically depending on quality, rarity, location, size, etc. just like other precious stones.  There are people and manufacturers and businesses that do sell fake stones, so it's important for buyers to stay educated, attentive, and do their due diligence to make informed, educated purchases.


So I hope this kind of helps you on your first steps on starting your crystal journey! 


 Stay tuned for Part 3 Next week Monday when we get REAL into this subject where you get an EXTRA BONUS at the end of it!


Are you ready to purchase some crystals? I do have some available online including my Crystal Starter Kit ($18.00) availableClick here to shop now and use code "CRYSTAL101" for 20% off (Yes, including sale/mark down crystals!).














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