Perseverance: Trust the Process and Grind

June 14, 2018


My entrepreneurial journey has been quite a roller coaster, especially in the last month or so.  But I finally got a HUGE win, which has COMPLETELY shifted my mindset, focus and drive for the better, and this was all because I showed up and persevered.





Each week I've been going through very high peaks and very deep valleys.  A rollercoaster with huge drops would be a more accurate depiction.  I had been feeling unsure of myself, starting to feel fear in things and as such, my progress started to lessen. But on Monday, I showed up to my Masterclass webinar with my Coach and amazingly smart, young woman with an impressive portfolio.   Because I showed up, the Universe provided and I was offered a showcase of my jewelry.


Am I prepared for this? Not at all.

Am I ready for this?  Hell yeah, I have no other choice but to be.


A little bit about why its such a huge deal...

  • This 26 year old entrepreneur did not grow up wealthy, but worked hard and pursued her goals to achieve success.

  • She is the Founder and Creative Director of House of ZS, a global luxe brand

  • She has designed jewelry for celebrities like Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians

  • She's been featured in Forbes, Cosmo Magazine and Glamour Magazine


And here she was, talking to me and other women over Zoom about persevering, not trusting anyone and screwing other's opinions.


So real, so down to earth, and she offered to take a look at my pieces and potentially bring them in to her store.


I didn't ask for it.


(Let's just say I lost my shit and cried, ugly cried to my husband)



So what did I do special to get to this point?

Nothing magical (okay, maybe some tarot readings and spirit guide discussions) but show up, kept my "why" and my goals on the forefront of my mind, and ignored the negative self-talk.


Show Up & Do Work

Why is it so important for you to show up?  While I am a huge believer of the Law of Attraction, asking the Universe for help and Manifestation, there is still work that you need to do on yourself and your mindset.  The Universe, God or who or whatever you believe in, doesn't just give.  If you ask for a new BMW, they're not just going to be like 'Okay!' and put it under your tree for Christmas.  You have to do several things to show them that (1) You'll appreciate it (Gratitude) and (2) You're willing to put in the work to be able to afford it (Dedication).


The analogy that I always explain is "God, The Universe, or any other God or Divine Being that you believe in will not provide for you abundance and wealth if they don't see that you appreciate it.  If you are like a young child who asks for many toys, yet destroys them or is unappreciative of them, why would anyone give more toys to this child?  Just like our Divine Beings, why would they provide for you if you are unappreciative?".


Remembered my Why
I have my digital vision board as the wall paper on my phone.  Why? I have it on my phone because it helps me stay focused on why I'm grinding so hard right now.  I'm reminded of the things that I want, why I want them or why they matter to me, and every time I feel low, sad, negative toward myself, or question "Why am I doing this", I humble myself and remember my why.


In an earlier post last week, I had explained how I was facing fear.  In all honesty, it was facing fear of what I thought would be said to me about my services.  Unrealistic for sure.  I kept saying to myself "what if".  I started to get anxiety, panicky, and fearful.  I pulled out my phone and began staring at my wall paper, and got enough courage to do the tasks I needed to do.  Since then, I've been able to just "do" things.  Before I even have a chance to think about something I really want to do, I just do it.  Which brought me to Monday's Masterclass meeting and the reason why I wrote this post.


One thing I want you to take away from this post is that I never, ever thought I would be so close to my goal of being a full time entrepreneur, with a social media following that's modest yet full of engagement and surrounded by likeminded men and women who are on the same path yet different journey.  But the only reason why I'm here is because I'm showing up for myself and doing the work, staying positive and just doing it unapologetically.  I want what I want for the sake of myself and my family, and I invite you to do the same.


I truly mean this when I say "if I can do it, so can you".  I do not come from privilege, and I struggled with mental illness for a long time.  But I stand before you today clear of my goals and determined to achieve them.


Am I perfect: Not in the slightest.  But in my experiences, I know that I can help and impact others with the things that I've learned along the way of my journey in life.


I encourage you to find out your why, and unapologetically, go after your goals and if you'd like someone to help you along the way, I'm just an email or DM away!



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