Overcoming Fear & Doubt to Crush Goals

June 6, 2018

What is strong?  What is it to be brave? 


Honestly, I'm still trying to figure it out.  While I now know who I am, what my purpose is and who I do everything for, I still struggle with self-doubt and "imposter" syndrome.  Just yesterday I freaked out sending messages to clients.  Unnecessarily.  But it goes to show how much doubt can instantly diffuse the fire I've worked so hard to build.


Ever thought about how quickly one 'F' on your report card drastically decreased your Cumulative GPA?  Ever realize how hard it was to bring it up?  That's the same as doubt and fear.  It can instantly cause anxiety and cause your to spiral into the abyss of toxicity and negative self-talk.  It's important to recognize where you are BEFORE you start spiraling.

How did you overcome your fear and anxiety with your task?
I just did it. It took me about 20 minutes to press send, but I did it.  As cliché or minuscule as that sounds, it was that "simple".  There was a lot of self-talk which helped put things into perspective.  I looked at my vision board, I looked at my goals, I thought about "if I don't do this, what will happen?".  And I stepped into the fear and said "Let's Do this!" - And hit send.


Now, please recognize: It took me YEARS of work to get to this point, but remember all it takes is your first steps.  


Here's how you can start stepping into your fear, be brave and do whatever you need to to get shit done and accomplish your goals.

  • Think about "why" you're afraid and realize that this fear and anxiety that you're feeling is only temporary, and is a stepping stone to get to your bigger goals.

  • Remember your "why" and your "purpose".  Why do you want to do this?  Who are you doing this for?  If you don't do this, who will be negatively affected by your actions?  For example, if I don't do my job, then my family and I suffer.  So I have to show up and do work.

  • Remember why you deserve to succeed:  "I deserve to achieve my goals and succeed because ________".  Say the first thing that comes to mind and firmly hold on to that.  Don't second guess or doubt yourself further.

  • Contact a friend who will be supportive and push you to complete your tasks.  If you don't have one, join the Aloha Society Facebook Group and let our community support you!  Post in the group anytime you're feeling anxious or afraid and feel free to tag me (Kimberlyn Racoma) and I'd be happy to support you! 

Don't be afraid to succeed.  The question of "What happens if XYZ happens?", but what if XYZ doesn't happen?  How happy will you be?  


If you need to talk about anything, please feel free to reach out to me directly at info@laolahawaii.com.  


Tell me:  What are you afraid of?  What are your goals?  What will accomplishing your goals do for you and your loved ones?




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