The Life Changing Art of Being Present

May 30, 2018


 Why is it life changing?

Because when you are present it means you cannot think or live in the past or the future. It means you are filling your mind and life with light (making memories, embracing a moment, gratitude, patience) and blocking out the darkness (overthinking, worrying, dwelling, catastrophising).

What exactly is being present?

Living in the moment/ the now. Living with intention and being fully conscious of your environment.  Mono-tasking. Focusing. Feeling. Truly living.

How do I start?

The first step is to build your awareness. Some of us are more in-tune than others, but we cannot begin to practice being present without being aware. This is because awareness allows us to notice when we are not being present and pull ourselves out of that. This is not an overnight success. I have been practicing being present on a daily basis for several years now and am nowhere near perfect at it. But the more I practice the less time I spend outside of the present moment and the quicker I am to realize when I am not living in the present.

Then what?

When you realize you are not in the present moment, then bring yourself back to it. Imagine your mind like a baby who has just started crawling. You sit it by your side, but it keeps crawling away and you have to get up and put it back next to your side. Your mind will constantly try to escape the present moment and it is up to you to first of all recognize this and secondly, reign it in back to the now.

How do I know when I am doing it right?

Like I mentioned before, it is not an instant result and needs to be done in abundance, everyday but here are some of the things you may notice as you perfect your ‘be present’ practice;

  • Less stressed

  • Worry less

  • Calmer in anxiety-provoking situations

  • Recognising your fulfilment in the simplest of things

  • Heightened awareness

  • Ability to remain hopeful when things go wrong

  • True fulfilment of life

  • Less reliance on the external.


Verity Brown is the founder of the SEASALT (Stop Existing And Start Actually Living Today) plan and helps women reconnect with their inner self through removing blocks and placing positive daily mind habits, such as being present, in their place. She works 121, group programs, goddess circles and speaking roles.


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