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May 16, 2018


It is my honor to bring to you this Wednesday a special version of #WisdomWednesdays.  I wanted to not only share my experiences to finding my purpose, but also wanted to highlight other inspiring men and women who have made it their missions to serve others to make lasting positive impacts on the world and build a legacy that will be inspirational to many that come after them.


Today, I want to highlight Grace Fae, Intuitive Reader, Angel Messenger and Soul Coach who's life purpose is to uplift the energetic frequencies of people so as to increase the collective vibrations of the Earth consequently (Beautiful right?).  She has been an intuitive reader and healer for 4 years now. Within those 4 years, she have taken a year’s hiatus due to studies – B.A. Psychology. With her increased knowledge and wisdom, she can now integrate the psychological practice into her upcoming Intuitive Life Coaching sessions and with her experience as a Soul Coach for 4 years, she can also integrate the spiritual teachings into the Life Coaching as well. 

Her struggles with mental issues humanizes her divine story and fairly magical spirit.  Her ability to draw people to her is phenomenal as I am honored to have friended her even though she's thousands of miles away in Singapore!  Her story is touching and full of pain and vulnerability which many can relate to.  However, her painful story has lead to one of the most positive stories of self-discovery I have ever heard and I am grateful she has opened her heart to share her wisdom and insights with you all.  Thank you Grace! 

Painful Beginnings and Selfless Endings
I believe that many Empaths can relate to my humble beginnings.

It was due to depression, my parents’ separation, having a psychotic episode, and being suicidal that led me to towards this spiritual journey. One night in 2013, I wanted to end my life. I was so prepared to end it all with a pen knife on my right hand. I could vividly remember the moment when the pen knife was about a cm away from my wrist that a vision came through.


It wasn’t the normal scary hallucinations that I’ve had. It was a bright vision, so full of light! It was a scene of a beautiful house and 2 children were running around the field, being so carefree and happy. Then, a Goddess-like voice sounded around me as the vision played on. “Grace, how are you going to answer to your children when they see the scars on your wrists? Do you want them to become like you? Your children need you. You are their role model. So step up, Grace. You are meant to do so much more in this world. Think about your children...”


At that moment, I was in a trance. When I was conscious, I realized the pen-knife was still clutched tightly in my hand. I quickly threw it away. I needed to live. For my children! How can I be so selfish?! From then on, I dedicated myself to serve Spirit in the physical world as a Soul coach. As with the flow of life, I’m currently transitioning to become an Intuitive Life Coach. Henceforth, my mission is to empower and guide fellow Empaths, Lightworkers and Earth Angels to build lasting legacy in honour of themselves and future generations. Ultimately, my purpose is to help these beautiful beings find clarity in what they are leaving behind in this world and how they can positively impact others even when they are no longer in the physical world.


Worldwide Impact

Being a clairsentient and clairaudient, I’m honoured to use these gifts to serve over 200 clients from all around the world. The messages that I’ve obtained during meditations with my guides never fail to equip me with the tools, tips, and techniques to teach my clients on love, joy and healing.

Throughout my 4 years of channeling the Angels and their messages, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about mindset. It was no coincidence that I was being led to study Psychology. Through the study of psychology, I’ve learnt even more self-care tips and coping skills to support others in achieving overall happiness!


Creating Safe Boundaries for Spiritual Health

My biggest life lesson so far is saying “NO” to everyone around me. As an Empath, I’m highly attuned to their “true” emotions and it’s very difficult for me to say no. I believe other Empaths can relate with me on this! I’m still taking one step at a time for this, and cultivating kindness within my life - towards myself. ​


Words of Advice
The art of Prioritizing (Urgent-important matrix from Stephen Covey’s "7 Habits of Highly Effective People") comes in handy for me and I think it’s a great skill for anyone who gives in to familial/friends obligations and fear of not being accepted frequently. When you know your priorities, you wouldn’t be distracted with others’ emotions & can better handle your own energies effectively!


Also, prioritizing helps you to cultivate self-care and self-love so you won’t become burnt out taking care of others! Hope this piece of advice can help others who have difficulty having firm boundaries due to our kind & empathetic nature. I’ve got you covered! 


Grace Fae is an Intuitive Life Coach and Healer servicing lightworkers, empaths, healers and others worldwide.  If you'd like to reach out to her, feel free to use her contact information below.


Grace Fae

Intuitive Life Coach

Graceful Coaching

m:+65 9159 5576

w:gracefaee.net  e: grace_thu@outlook.com










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