#WisdomWednesdays: Finding Your Tribe

April 25, 2018


 "Finding Your Tribe".  What does that mean?  What does that look like?  How is it different than a group of friends?  We'll discuss it and see why you need a kickass tribe of people to light you up and keep you motivated to manifest.




Today's post is going to be a little less formal.  I am on this kickass journey you guys, and I am so fired up to share it (but not yet).  But as I'm trucking down this road to full self-employment, doing what I love, helping people realize their strength and helping them manifest their goals, I realized something:


I need a tribe.  A community.  I need my peoples.


What is a tribe/community?

Finding your tribe involves surrounding yourself with fired up, badass MF who are killing it in life and want you to do the same.  The energy within the tribe is often so powerful, and because you all are on the same energetic wavelength, you all are just vibing off each other and elevating each others success.  The people within this tribe often become family, even though sometimes you may not have even met each other in person.  These people have no bias against you.  They wholeheartedly want to see you succeed and because there is no bias or prior history, it's often easier to gain the trust, respect and support from these "strangers".


Why is it important to have a tribe, even though I already have a group of friends whom I love?

Having a group of friends is great.  You need them.   They know you best and have seen you at your worst.  But have you ever had a time where you want to tell your friend(s) something and just said "Um, on second thought, I better not.  Becky over there is going to tell me how I'm so <_____> for thinking of yet another idea to <_____>".  Well, tell Becky to shove it because you don't need that kind of negativity in your life! -This is the reason why you need a tribe.  #NoJudgement 

A tribe or community is where you can speak freely and safely without any fear or judgement (that is not tolerated).  Tribes or communities tend to be more intimate and less formal than masterminds.  Masterminds are often strictly business and goal related to work most often for periods of times.  Sometimes, there is a large Mastermind group and little pods within the mastermind to allow for more collaborative business discussions.


Who is your tribe?
I have a set of 3 (4 counting my husband) amazing people who just fire me up, understand our grind to work hard and make money, and push us to level up ourselves.  They understand how difficult it is to constantly work, they're there for us when we need to vent, they celebrate our wins, they're honest with us and give us feedback, they help us think of new ways to approach something, they truly love and support us 100000% and I am forever grateful for their friendship.  Hands down they're my ride or dies.  I do have another set of friends who also support us, but because of the history I already have with my tribe, they're my first go-tos for everything.  

But I am so passionate about helping others and feeding off that momentum of getting shit done, making it work and manifesting goals, that I am apart of 2 other very powerful groups who have helped me group into the person I am today.  (DM me if you want in! One is a paid group with a current waiting list, and the other is a free one - women only).


I want a tribe!

I'm so glad you said so.  If you are in a place where you feel unsupported, want to level up your life, want to achieve your goals and want to smash the negativity in your life then join me in my new community called "Aloha Society - A Community by Laola Hawaii".  We'll be able to discuss our struggles, share our wins, network, gain insight and feedback, and fire each other up to kick ass and manifest our goals.  You may network, find business connections, find goods and services, or just find friendships.  It's a safe place for you to develop yourself.


I want to leave you today with:  Who are you surrounding yourself with?  Are they helping you be a better more successful person?  

Are they encouraging of others rather than putting them down?  Do you have goals and dreams that your friends laugh at?  Think about where you want to be and surround yourself with people who are on a higher level than that.

Join me today and let's start manifesting our goals!  As always, feel free to email me or DM me if you'd like to discuss how I and our tribe can help you.  I'd love your feedback.






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