Crystals & Stones 101 - Introduction to Crystal Healing

April 15, 2018


I love crystals (and really anything sparkly and pretty).  I remember being 6 years old and going into a toy store and seeing the little stand full of stones and rocks and seeing Pyrite and thinking "It's GOLD, I'm RICH!".  Since then, any kind of minerals, geodes and crystals I just  absolutely adore because they just made me feel good.  They made me feel happy....


But do crystals reaallllyyyyy have any healing properties?


They totally do! But, it's up to you to open your mind and heart into receiving their gifts.  

Crystals are the most tangible way to connect and ground to Earth's energy.  When we open our heart and mind to receiving the love and energies that the Earth provides, it opens the door for you to start love yourself more fully and deeply.  

(Okay, I know that sounds SUPER..... crazy.  But think about this:  The world is crazy. Like - BAT SHIZ CRAZY.  Nothing is impossible, and I've given up questioning the world's thought process on various things.  What do you have to lose to believe that the Earth will provide, if you respect and care for it too?)


Long story short:  Take care of the Earth, and the Earth will take care of you.

Back on Subject:  Crystals

Disclaimer:  When I say "Crystal Healing"  I do not intend for you to supplement crystals in replace of modern medicine or disregard any medical professional's advice.

Crystal Healing is referred to utilizing crystals to help you hold your intention and manifest your desires!  Healing for the soul if you will.  You can use crystals in meditation, as room decor, as jewelry, literally anything you feel called to do.  In doing this, you're connecting with your crystal(s), as you learn it and it learns you.  I've kept small crystals and pendulums in my pocket when I first get them, especially if you have specific intents for it.  I keep crystals on my desks, bedside, etc. so my bigger crystals get to know me.  In doing all of this:  


Each crystal has a different property with different purposes to help you.  There are a common crystals that everyone typically starts with (which I'll get into), but I advise that you follow your heart and start with whatever stones you feel compelled to reaching for.  This is your crystal journey, and it's important to do what's right for you.

Now: Let's get into Crystals!

  • Clear Quartz:  Clear quartz is a very powerful and versatile stone that is great for a multitude of reasons. Use it to absorb, store, release, unblock and regulate energy. Quartz on a spiritual level raises your energy to the higher vibration, enhances psychic abilities, and is great for use during meditations to help quiet the mind and minimize distractions. Place anywhere! Hold it, place on your work desk, creative studio, study room... It'll help you and your goals manifest!

  • Amethyst:  Beautiful Amethyst...A powerful and protective stone with high vibrations, guards against psychic attacks and turns the negative vibes into loving ones. Amethyst is beneficial to the calm the mind and helps you feel more centered and focused, and less scattered and foggy. To help with insomnia, place this stone under your pillow. It can be worn beautifully or place geodes or points on your spiritual altar. Be mindful: Amethyst fades in the sun, so avoid direct sunlight.

  • Rose Quartz:  Rose Quartz, our classic, fan favorite stone that is the huge representative of love -- Love for self as well as love for others. Rose Quartz is the most important for the heart chakra, and teaches you the full essence of the heart and love. To encourage a relationship, place near your bedside.

  • Smoky Quartz:  My absolute favorite stone! Smoky Quartz is an amazing, beautiful stone that is a great grounding stone that raises the vibrations during meditation, and is associated with the earth and base chakras (that grounding element). I suggest placing this beautiful stone on your desk in your working place, near your telephone and/or your computer monitor, or place under your pillow at night. Place points away to draw off negative energies or point toward to energize.

  • Selenite: Selenite helps to bring clarity connect you to Earth, and helps to open the crown and higher crown chakras.  It's a calming, peaceful stone, and is a great stone to use during meditations and spiritual work.  Use it as a protective grid by putting Selenite in the 4 corners of your home.  Be very careful though, Selenite dissolves in water.

  • Tiger's Eye: Combine the energy from the sun and the energy of the earth and you receive the high vibrational and grounding energies that draw the spiritual energies into the earth. It is a protective stone, differentiates between "wants" and "needs", but will help in accomplishing your goals. It helps to balance, yin and yang, helps lift depression and improve mood. If worn, wear on the right or as a pendant or necklace for short periods. Meditate and place on the naval chakra to spiritual ground your energy. For displays, place on your altar or near your bedside to calm and ground.

  • Labradorite:  Labradorite is a protective stone and raises consciousness.  Deflects unwanted energies from the aura and it is a protective energy.  It is a calming stone and helps with insecurities and banishing fears from past disappointments.  It is a beautiful stone that helps prepare the soul and spirit for transformation.


Once you obtain your desired stones, you can start using them immediately.  As stated earlier, it's important to start connecting with your stones by putting them in a room near you or your family's energies so it can start to learn you and begin to sync with you and your family, and vice versa.  For smaller stones, you can keep them in a little pouch and carry them with you in your purse, bag or in your pocket.  


It's important to care for your stones, keep them charged so they work to their highest abilities, but it's important to care and charge them appropriately.  Some stones like Amethyst cannot be charged by the sun because they'll fade, so charge by the moon instead.

We'll talk more about different options of how to charge and cleanse your new stone babies in the next blog post to come.

For more information on stones, I highly recommend that you purchase "The Crystal Bible" by Judy Hall.  This is a great resource for Crystal lovers of any level.  


Enjoy your crystal journey my friend!  





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