Crystal & Stones 101 - Cleansing Your Crystals

April 15, 2018

It is extremely important that you take care of your crystal babies.  Without cleansing and charging them, you won't receive all of the wonderful benefits that crystals have. 


There are several different ways that you can cleanse and charge your crystals and each of them are totally up to you, and some are advised not to use on particular stones as it may harm your crystal.  For example, Amethyst can fade in the sun, so try charging during full moons instead.  Selenite can dissolve in water, so try using the moon, or Reiki (life-force energy).  


You can charge it however you please so long as it doesn't harm your stone in any way.  For information on how to cleanse your stones, I'd recommend (as I tend to often do) Judy Hall's "The Crystal Bible" which is an amazing resource for any crystal lover. 


The variety of ways you can cleanse your crystal include:

  • Sunlight

  • Moonlight

  • Water

  • Smudging or Incense (Sage, Palo Santo, etc.)

  • Reiki (life-force Energy)

  • Physical contact and Meditation

  • Sound (Singing bowls, crystal singing pyramid, crystal singing bowls)

  • Soil and Earth

  • Other Crystals

  • Sea Salt

I personally prefer water, moonlight and sea salt.  Here's my process.

  • At the end of my day, my full crystal beaded bracelets, I'll run it under 1-2 minutes under running water.  Running water represents, to me, the washing away of the day's emotions and energies. 










  • After that, I pat my bracelet dry with a paper towel or hand towel.

  • Once *completely* dry, I lay it to rest overnight in a bed of Hawaiian Salt. 

    • If it is a full moon, I take this bed of Hawaiian salt, and all my crystals, and lay them on an outdoor table and leave them outside overnight to bask in the full moon's energy.  (Be sure to check the weather!)

Follow your heart, research your stone before doing something that could harm it, and soak up that amazing energy.  


Enjoy your crystal journey dear friend!




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