I'm Kimberlyn Laola Racoma

A jewelry designer, Reiki Master, Empath and Tarot Reader.

I'm very PASSIONATE about helping others feel good about themselves as they navigate through life.

If you want to start feeling more at ease with the demands of daily life, then you've come to the right place!

My name is Kimberlyn Laola Hokoana (Moriguchi) Racoma, and I grew up in Kailua, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. I am a creator and healer by nature, learning at a very young age that I was more sensitive to things than those around me.  I always was someone who cared a lot about others, and as an adult, I have been able to identify what that means for me and manifest an opportunity where I can do all the things that I love all in one lovely career.

My Style
I've always been inspired by nature and have always been fascinated by the patterns and textures that appear organically.  Nature and Earth are organically designed and is beautifully imperfect.  Life does not force, it does what it is intended to, as it so pleases without forced desire.  As such, I work and apply myself to my work with the same purpose and intent and I let my creativity flow organically as it intends to.    


I believe that the jewelry should compliment and not distract from the person wearing it; that my designs and creations should be the missing piece to any outfit to make the wear feel strong, confident and beautiful.  These designs are a reflections of my style; simple, earthy and organic.  

What does Laola Mean?
Laola (Lah•Oh•Lah) means "A Day of Life" in Hawaiian.  It is my middle name that my father gave me, and I've tried to incorporate this name into my businesses as entrepreneurship and creativity has always given me life and excitement.  I feel that it most accurately expresses the feelings that I am trying to portray in my business:  To help give a "new life", new perspective and new experience to others navigating this world.

My Why

I grew up in an environment where life was a constant struggle to survive.  Living in paradise is not cheap, and therefore, I understand what it's like to live in constant stress.  I understand what living in constant stress does to the physical body, spirit and mind, and I firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel at peace in their daily life.  Not everyone is a yogi, not everyone has the luxury of comfort regarding finances.  I believe that when people feel at peace with their life and situations, then other aspects of life start to fall into place as well, creating a more well-rounded health for mind, body and spirit.

My Mission

To empower people of all ages, to live happier lives, by helping to educate others on the benefits of more holistic approaches to finding peace from the stresses of daily life.

My Vision

To be the resource for people to  who are looking for holistic approach to a more positive mindset by offering high quality stones, spiritual cleansing products, and guidance services.

Laola Hawaii's operations are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, and business presence is primarily online and on Oahu, Hawaii.